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[Previously, there was a disagreement. Erik lost.]

Once that had been decided, Erik, Jane and Darcy gathered some more clothes for Thor and doctored a copy of Donald Blake's driving licence to show Thor, using the picture that Darcy took that morning in Isabella's Cafe. Why Jane had Donald's license in the first place? Erik has no idea and doesn't really want to know.

Now, Erik finds himself driving towards the crater for the second time in a day where he'd argued vigorously not to go near the place. Especially after he'd found out just which set of 'Feds' had turned up.

However, he parks up the car in front of the gates they have set up, gets out, and locks it behind him. Even now, having seen it before, it does still kind of impress him just how fast these guys got this city, and it practically is a city, set up. After all, twenty four hours ago, there was absolutely nothing of note here at all.

"Gentlemen," he says to the gate guards.

"I understand that you have this man in custody," he says, showing them the doctored driving licence. "I'd like to request his release."

The guards are unimpressed, but they send word back to their boss, a Sitwell? who decides to hear Erik's request inside the compound, instead of coming to the gate.

He is walked up to what he presumes is their main complex, and is met by Agent Sitwell, who requests that he hand over the Identification card for 'security checks', which, of course, means checking it against various databases. To refuse, would automatically mean he has failed to secure Thor's release, because there is no way they would accept identification based off a single license and image, without cross-checks. On the other hand, the doctored card is a very poor fake, and will probably fail the first check they throw at it. And yet, if he doesn't try, what was the point of coming out here? Why did he waste nearly two hours driving here? So, he hands over the card. The moment he has handed it over, Agent Sitwell vanishes into the depths of the compound.

Twenty seconds later, he is handed the card back, with a quiet "Thank you for your cooperation," from a young agent who retreats inside again rapidly. The card, it seems, has passed any tests, or been scanned for further analysis, such that they no longer need the physical copy. Erik isn't quite sure which is accurate. He hopes it is the former, but suspects that the latter is actually true.

Moments later, Agent Sitwell reappears, at the top of the stairs, followed by Agent Coulson, who seems to be, as he was at the lab, in charge of this little operation.

Coulson reviews a screen to the right of the door as Erik is looking at it, before saying, "His name is Donald Blake?" his face completely neutral.

"Dr Donald Blake," Erik corrects the title earnestly. Some times, a title like Dr or Sir, is all you need to get respect and trust. He doubts that is the case now, but it's worth a try.

"You have dangerous co-workers, Dr Selvig."

It seems Agent Coulson is utterly unmoved by the fact that 'Donald Blake' is a Doctor. Erik must confess a lack of surprise about this. Nothing else has caught him off balance, why would revealing that someone has a doctorate do anything? Time to play a different card, then. One that ought to shock some form of reaction out of these people.

"He was distraught when he found out that you'd taken all of our research. That was years of his life, gone," Erik states. "You can understand how a man can go off like that. A big faceless organisation like yours coming in with their jack-booted thugs and..."

Agent Coulson looks away from the monitor that he had been glancing at, and Erik freezes for a moment under that gaze.

"That's how he put it." He adds, trying desperately to soften the accusation, shift the blame, but still, he was the one who said it to their faces. He was the one who made the accusation, he shouldn't be too surprised if things get a little icy when those kinds of accusations are brought to the table.

Agent Coulson seems willing to let it go, as he has more pressing concerns, "That still doesn't explain how he managed to tear through our security."

Oh, shit! That was not a question he expected, what seems reasonable? Uh? "Steroids! He's a bit of a fitness nut!" Erik exclaims, beginning to gesticulate wildly. To those who know him, this is a sure sign that he's making it up on the spot.

A quiet "Sir" from the operative who returned the card to Erik, interrupts Erik's train of thought and speech. Agent Coulson looks back to the monitor, and pauses for several seconds. Erik has just enough time to start getting worried inside, before Coulson looks back at him

"It says here that he's an MD."

Ah, yes, this. Thank goodness Erik had an entire car journey to work out a decent reply to this one.

"Well he is. Or he was, he, err, switched careers and became a physicist, err, but a brilliant physicist. He's a wonderful man. He's a man in pain." Erik sells it as best he can, pleading with Agent Coulson to see it as he tells it.

Apparently, it works, or else the good agent is playing a game far above the level Erik is working at, because in a few short moments, he finds himself being led to Thor's holding cell.


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