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After last nights events, Erik and the girls headed back to the, well, building is probably the nicest word for it, that Jane is using as a base for her research. There, they set the computers to collecting and analysing data that the sensors had been storing up, before crashing for the night.

When they awoke in the morning, they got to analysing the data, and studying the images that the various sensors and cameras that had been running had taken. There was one image in particular that made them realise just what they might have left at the hospital.

Then, of course, they had found the guy again, brought him back, gave him some decent clothes and had some interesting discussions with him over food, as well as finding some clear cultural clashes (and doing their best to smooth them over with the locals). Then Thor, as the giant fellow seems to call himself, hears the locals discussion about a 'satellite' and takes off.

All the while, Erik has been studying Thor exceptionally carefully. And, as it happens, doubts about the man are starting to surface. Doubts he had last night, doubts that are not being eased by the way 'Thor' is talking. Or walking. In the middle of the road. Like he's never seen a car before. Also, concern for the way Jane is looking at him. Jane is the daughter of his best friend, virtually family, as far as he's concerned. Indeed, in many ways, his research group are his family. The family he never otherwise had. Or wanted? Certainly never had.

So, he interjects, before Jane does something, that would, in his opinion, be stupid, even dangerous. He manages to, in a few, surprisingly few, even, sentences, talk her out of taking the this 'Thor' to the crater site. He won't deny the crater is interesting, and sort of wishes they had seen it last night, so they could have gotten some readings, but they did have more important things to deal with. Thanks Darcy!

So, Thor says farewell, and they depart, though not before another slight cultural clash is met in the way Thor says farewell. Certainly he can carry himself like a prince, when he wants to, Erik won't deny him that, and finds himself bowing in return.

"Alright, back to work," says Erik. Because otherwise, he had this horrible feeling that Jane and Thor would wait for the other to depart first.

He knows he was right when Jane delays letting Thor out of her line of sight for as long as possible.

However, as they walk back up the hill to their home, they see a surprising amount of activity going on in the place, given they locked it up when they took Thor to the diner. Then a black flat-bedded truck drives right in front of them clearly carrying equipment.

"Hey. That's my stuff!" cries Jane as it drives away.

"What the hell is going on here?" she says as she storms into what was once her laboratory, but was currently being disassembled at a remarkable rate. Erik and Darcy are left hurrying in her wake to keep up.

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Oh, right. The files had mentioned a Dr Foster. He hadn't expected her to return quite so quickly - he's going to have to have another word with Friedricksen about that - but it's nothing he can't handle. Has handled, a dozen times before.

"Dr. Foster, I'm Agent Coulson," he says. "With SHIELD."

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"We're here investigating a security threat," he explains, following her, the nonsense tripping off his tongue like it's a script - which in a way it is. He's certainly said it often enough. "We need to appropriate your equipment and all your atmospheric data."

Erik Selvig's wariness has been noticed, and noted. Smart man. Hopefully he can prevent this from... escalating.

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He makes a point of never giving obvious answers, but simply hands her a cheque. It's made out to a very generous amount, which if he recalls correctly originally came from the bank account of a genetic terrorist Barton liquidated last week.

"This should more than compensate you for your trouble," he says, and isn't entirely surprised when she promptly throws it to the ground without looking at it.

(It's not exactly the first time he's seen academics do that, but in his experience they all keep extremely accurate recollections of where they threw it which mainly resurface approximately five minutes after they think he's no longer watching. Porter probably isn't the type for that, he thinks, but it wouldn't surprise him if she were.)

The agents loading the trucks barely even react to Jane's attempt to intervene in their work, avoiding her adroitly and continuing without comment.

"I can't just pick up replacements from RadioShack!" she snaps, the very picture of scientific outrage. "I made most of that equipment myself!"

"Then," he remarks beatifically, "I'm sure you can do it again."

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"We're the good guys, Ms. Foster," he tells her, and turns to walk away. Jane is blocking his path, blooming with fury.

"So are we! We're on the verge of understanding something extraordinary!", she protests, brandishing a notebook like a shield and a weapon in one. "Everything I know about this phenomenon is in this lab and in this book, and no one has the right to take it from me."

He gestures to Agent Mikkelson, who neatly plucks the notebook from Porter's hands and adds it to his pile, leaving the scientist apparently too stunned to argue.

He offers her a thin dry smile, specifically designed to contain no humour and no personality. "Thank you for your cooperation."
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